Barber Study Project

Observed local barber and discovered he had difficulties keeping his scissors clean and protected.
Examined various scissors for new ways to make them easier to engage with.
Further investigation of scissors to determine engagement.
Thinking about some kind of clipping device directly attached to scissors to allow ease of engagement.
More ideas of how scissors are stored or engaged by barber.
Iteration process of how scissors can be stored on or off the barber to allow for cleaner, safer handling. 
Examining armor or apparatuses for possible scissor engagement.
Thinking of Scissor engagement as well as materials to protect them.
Original operations of barber was leaving dirty scissors rest on black non slip pad. The distance to the scissors was awkward and inefficient for daily use. 
Thinking of how to create a container to house scissors so when not in use can be stored or moved for ease. 
3D models of different ideas of possible scissor apparatuses. 
Observation of how barber would engage scissors if stored in new product.
Product could illustrate Barbers name and perhaps company logo to work as almost placement holder.
The before and after idea how the scissors would be engaged. The case would make it easy for traveling and would also function as a stand to allow barber to easily access his tools. I ultimately want to create an object that could be mailed off and returned to allow for resharpening of scissors. 
This was not my final model however it uses some the functions that would be used in the final. I would use orange wood as the exterior parts, and Pinatex faux leather to protect in the interior. I designed the box for the final to be more in the shape of the scissors to reduce size and easier engagement of individual scissors components.  
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